Lictopia is a privately owned and operated Minecraft server and as such the owner of the server has the ability to monitor almost everything that is typed into the server in real time. Furthermore, complete chat logs are created daily and may be reviewed at any time to look for evidence of griefing, bullying or unacceptable speech. (It is entirely the prerogative of the server owner and server administrators to determine what constitutes griefing, bullying or unacceptable speech). What this means in practical terms is that players on Lictopia should consider the fact that everything they type in chat can either be seen in real time or reviewed later by administrators, including private /msg chat to other players. If you wish to communicate privately with another player then you MUST communicate outside of the server. This point cannot stressed enough. There should be no genuine expectation of privacy for server based communications. We highly recommend the use of a third party application such as Discord for all private communications.